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Pride comes from self-confidence; because the best tile material can much better highlight your extraordinary design and taste.

Loong Chi Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 in Taiwan. We insistently introduced high-quality European tiles to make the best choice for innovative designer to match top level total solution . With the concept, our company sourcing innovator makers and designers to market tiles in every possibilities . Furthermore to makes the tie art lively into daily life unconsciously , so that tile decoration into works of art and make live in the art, to create our house with comfortable and enjoyable environment skillfully .

Water absorption
Ⅰa (Below0.5%) procelain stoneware
Ⅰb (more than0.5%,Below3.0%) porcelain
Ⅱ (Below10%) stoneware
Ⅲ (Below50%) ceramic
anti slip
classification slip angle (with shoes) classification slip angle(barefoot)
R9 >06°—10° Class A ≧12°
R10 >10°—19° Class B ≧18°
R11 >19°—27° Class C ≧24°
R12 >27°—35°
R13 >35°
grade lnstrucion MOHS
PEI Ⅰ wall/tile.very light-wear areas 5 —16
PEI Ⅱ very light-wear,Bathrooms/normal footwear
PEI Ⅲ domestic homes,moderate traffic,floor for normal foot traffic
PEI Ⅳ moderate to heavy traffic, medium commercial and light institutional 7 —10
PEI Ⅴ heavy to extra heavy traffic,heavy commercial and institutional foot traffic,stores,entrance hall,shops&hotel floors
Color shading
  • uniform
  • slightly
  • moderately
  • distinctly